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P King Apk

P King Apk is a tool that is mostly Developed for the gamers of Free Fire. That have lost their Free Fire accounts, You can unlock your account with this app free of cost.

If you're a Fee Fire player and have lost a count or certain facts that you can't get your account or accounts. Then the Free Fire gamers are one of the major challenges. There have previously been applications for the functioning and retrieval of all Free Fire accounts that are associated with your FB account in a matter of seconds. All these apps don't work currently, however, because they are all old. You don't have to worry now, therefore. A P King APK programme is really the answer to all recoveries of your game account. Don't wait and download! Don't wait and instal!

First and foremost, the application's primary goal is to retrieve all of the Free Fire accounts. That are easily and without problems linked to your Facebook account. Furthermore, it is quite successful in its goal and is well-liked by hundreds of players who have lost their accounts but now have them back thanks to P King.

What is P King APK:

P King APK have already stated, the process of recovering the Free Fire account is straightforward and straightforward. There were several applications that were difficult to handle or operate, but that is no longer the case in P King. To begin, go to the website and download the application. When you start the programme, you'll see a very user-friendly UI with a few settings in front of you. Enter FB ID is the option you need to select because P King only works with Facebook IDs. Copy and paste the URl of your Facebook ID into the box. When you press enter, the process will begin. Wait a few seconds for your account to be restored.


  • P King is a FF tool built exclusively for Free Fire gamers who have lost or had their accounts stolen, as we previously indicated.
  • The software's main purpose is to recover all of your Free Fire accounts that are linked to your Facebook account swiftly and efficiently.
  • Regaining access to your Free Fire account is a simple process.  link of your Facebook ID into the box. The process will begin after you press enter.
  • Account Recovery is Easy and Quick: The account recovery process is simple and quick.
  • Operates on the most recent version of Firefox:
  • Yes, P King operates with ease and command on the current edition of Free Fire.
  • Once you've recovered your account, you'll be given a new password and username.
  • It gives you the username and password you'll need to log in to your Free Fire account.


P king APK is for  Free Fire gamers which have lost their accounts: apps have been available in the last few seconds that could operate and recover all your Free Fire account, but these apps don't work any more because all of them are outdated so you don't have to worry. P King is the response to all your issues of gaming and recovery. The time to download it is now.

Information on P king App:


7 MB

P king

Updated on:
July 20, 2021

Android 5.5+


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